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Résumé of Antonio Lagnada

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As a developer, I bring a wealth of experience and a strong skillset to your organization. With my expertise in designing and developing enterprise-wide client/server systems, I can contribute to the success of your projects.

My proficiency in Agile practices, including agile methodologies and test-driven development, ensures that I can deliver high-quality software solutions efficiently and collaboratively.

I am well-versed in leveraging the power of Spring Boot and the Spring Framework, as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling the development of highly scalable and flexible applications. My proficiency in crafting clean and maintainable code using the IntelliJ IDE ensures optimal productivity throughout the development process.

I am passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices, allowing me to bring innovative and effective solutions to your team. With my dedication, strong work ethic, and collaborative mindset, I am confident in my ability to make a valuable impact on your organization’s development initiatives.

In addition, I bring proficiency in various scripting and programming languages to the table. Beyond my expertise in Java and the Spring Framework, I am skilled in other languages that enhance my versatility as a developer. Whether it’s Scala, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, Lua or other languages, I have the adaptability to work with diverse technologies and frameworks. This breadth of knowledge allows me to approach problem-solving from different angles and find creative solutions. With my well-rounded skillset, I am ready to tackle any development challenge that comes my way.


B.S. Electrical Engineering (1997), Microprocessor Design University of Minnesota Institute of Technology, Minneapolis Campus

Core Strengths

Technical Skills

Programming Languages

Database and Storage

Application Servers

Java Enterprise Frameworks

Version Control Systems

Software Development Tools

Experience (Past Ten Years)

On Sabbatical (May 2021 to Present)

An extended leave of absence to take care of loved ones during the pandemic.

Senior Software Engineer, Expedia Group, Seattle, WA (2013 to 2021)

Loyalty Group (EG Loyalty)

A senior member of the loyalty team leading a pod of four members responsible for the design and development of loyalty services.

Loyalty Group (EG Loyalty)

As a senior member of the loyalty team, I led a small but mighty pod of up to five talented individuals. We worked together to design and develop exciting loyalty services, going above and beyond to create exceptional experiences for our valued customers.

Private Label Pages (PLP)

As a senior member of the Private Label Pages team, I had the privilege of contributing to the design and development of Expedia’s White-label Pages. This involved collaborating with a talented group of colleagues both in UK, Australia, India and Bellevue. Together, we worked diligently to create and enhance the platform, striving to provide top-notch experiences for our users.

Online Marketing Group (OMG)

A senior member of the Expedia Online Marketing Group responsible for the architecture, design, and development of a complete redesign of the Deep Linking Fundamentals and Marketing Portal project for affiliate partner advertisement pixels.

Travel Agent Affiliate Pages (TAAP)

As a senior member, I held a pivotal role in the architecture, design, and development of the Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP). TAAP is a global program that enables travel agents to leverage the Expedia Platform as a travel agency, accessible at I played a key part in shaping and implementing the program, ensuring its effectiveness and seamless integration for travel agents worldwide.

Articles Written

Lombok — builders and constructors

Spring boot — serialize immutable objects

Managing AWS CloudFront Using Spring Shell

And More..